What’s In Store For DRIP?

7 min readFeb 2, 2022

Haters gonna hate! Well, too bad for them! DRIP has an extensive “roadmap” for 2022 that will blow away any expectations of how much you thought your DRIP could be worth. Let’s have a look …

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BetFury is an online crypto gaming site whose native tokens are BFG. The developer of DRIP, Forex Shark, said in his Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) videos that he is in partnership with BetFury. They are developing an online game that can only be played with DRIP, and you earn BFG. This way, there is incentive to buy DRIP, but there is no DRIP price dilution because you would be earning the platform’s native token.

Unfortunately for US residents, BetFury is geo-blocked for the US and will not allow connection even with a VPN:

I still think it is a great catalyst for DRIP as it serves other areas of the globe that are not geo-blocked to participate.

NFT and Cross-Chain Interoperability

Here’s where we get very speculative. The project involves the purchase of an NFT and having it “respected” on two of the major platforms, almost like a revolving door — accessible from both platforms. The NFT’s could be staked to earn DRIP. Forex Shark does not name which platforms, but…


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