DOGS Roulette and Dogs of Fortune GameFi

10 min readJan 22

| In this third installment of my 2023 Animal Farm Series, let’s talk about some concepts around GameFi planned for the platform

First off, Forex mentioned in his recent AMA, that they are considering other names for this type of game. He said that, originally, the game was based on Russian Roulette with a 1 in 6 chance to hit a jackpot. But, the problem was, “no one really wants to ‘win’ a game of Russian Roulette.” True, true, LOL.

So, in this article, what we’ll do is talk about:

  • Development News around the project
  • Potential Versions of the Game & Online Gaming Example: Stake.US or
  • Dogs of Fortune

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Development News

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Forex mentioned that they plan to push the Roulette game first for the Animal Farm GameFi. Though not “married” to the Dogs Roulette name, Forex is considering changing the style of the game to make more sense. For now, I will just reference it as the “Roulette” game, but understanding it could be called something completely different by the time the game is actually launched.


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