Animal Farm New v2 Website is UP!

9 min readSep 22, 2022

| Here is a quick run-down on the v2 Animal Farm website UI upgrade and the features of the Landing Page and the DeFi platform

Forex Shark released the new v2 Animal Farm UI upgrade on September 22, 2022 (nice). The original URL “” takes you to their Landing Page.

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On the Landing Page, they have the interview Forex did. It was a well-made video where Forex has the opportunity to summarize what the Animal Farm platform is all about and how it is different than your typical DeFi platform.

On the right of that is the Animal Farm Giveaway to incentivize new users to engage with the community and the platform. In the video, he said that there will be a grand prize of $5,000 to a single winner, but that there will be other prizes as well.

Below that are some big names, such as and Yahoo Finance, where Animal Farm is being featured and marketed.

Next is a short but sweet summary of the platform, how it differs from other DeFi platforms, and how the platform’s fees are shared with the community, instead of lining the pockets of its developers.

Here is a 60-second quick video I made that helps to summarize the platform as well:

Next are some articles from the community about the platform. I almost choked on my chicken enchilada with beans when I saw my own article sitting there in the middle. Honored, and maybe it might stay there, maybe not. Most likely it will be an RSS feed, but not sure. Would be honored if it stayed there. :)


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