2023 Animal Farm Projects Explained

8 min readJan 21, 2023

| For my Crypto followers, in one of my favorite crypto projects, Animal Farm, you use the platform’s native tokens to earn BNB and BUSD. This incentivizes the accumulation, not selling, of the native assets. Here is a list of known catalysts — present and future!

What I’m about to tell you might blow your mind, and I could literally end the article there.

In most DeFi platforms, except Animal Farm, the platform developers make their money, not from their platform token’s value, but from platform transaction fees. Holding and selling their own tokens would just be a bonus.

However, regardless of the token’s inevitable depreciation, as circulating supply increases, the developers need only keep the platform going, to reap the rewards of the daily transaction fees.

And, to stimulate interest, all the platform needs to do to “get richer” is to create a way to increase the number of transactions made — such as creating its own decentralized exchange!

There! End of story! … Just kidding. Revealing that to you is NOT the purpose of this crypto Series, but important that you know that, because as we talk about the current and future projects, you will come to realize that the benefit to the investors will grow with each new project added to the Animal Farm — regardless of the value of native tokens!

UNLIKE most DeFi platforms, the Animal Farm returns the rewards of the platform to its investors, much like the ol’ George Orwell story. It does this by allocating a portion of the platform’s revenues via stakers to the Pig Pen. Some portion of the the revenue is derived, not from the value of the tokens themselves, but from platform transaction fees, buy backs from DApps, as well as back end lending of TVL to PancakeSwap — the largest and safest DEX on the BSC network. And, the project has a robust lineup of future catalysts to continue to fuel the Pig…




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